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Operative Detail of Rashmikaben
Rashmikaben is 44 years patient, NRI patient residing at London. She had visited our website & and stared communication with Dr.Pragnesh Shah since last six months for her Fibroid surgery. She had 20 cms big Intra-mural fibroid (On USG & MRI report at London). She had visited many doctors at London & India and pulled on operation because most of them were are opinion that such fibroid cannot be removed Laproscopically and we may be compelled to remove uterus even if we will attempt Fibroid removal by laparotomy. She had also taken opinion for uterine artery embolisation in London.

Big Fibroid surgery and alleged medical negligence
Dr.Pragnesh Shah, Dr.Himanshu Bavishi, Dr.Parulben Shah, Endoscopy Excellence Institute, Bavishi Fertility Institute, Paldi Char rasta, Ahmedabad 380007

More than 20 00 surgery for big fibroid are carried out in the India each year. The decision when and whether to operate requires mature judgement. Fibroid surgery is technically difficult, demanding a high level of surgical skill. It is learnt only by lengthy apprenticeship. The after-care is equally important. The personal supervision of the surgeon who leads a coordinated team in operation theatre will ensure the best results. It is inevitable and unfortunate that mistakes will occasionally be made and only careful attention to detail in the pre-operative assessment, meticulous surgical care and supervised post-operative management will ensure consistently good results. TheLaparoscopic surgeon needs to remain up-to-date, be disciplined with a systematic and careful approach and lead a coordinated team to maintain the highest standards.

View Media Coverage | Read Testimonials


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