Get The Facts On Fertility Treatment And Infertility.

There Are Many Misconceptions On Fertility, IVF, And Fertility Treatments In General. Infertility Myths Are More Commonly Believed Outside Of The Fertility Community, But Some Of These Are Even Believed Among Those Trying To Conceive.


The Truth Behind Popular Infertility And Fertility Treatment Myths Are As Follows: –

Infertility Is A Female Problem
  • Infertility Is A People Problem, Not A Female Problem. Infertility Occurs In Men And Women.
  • Approximately One Third Will Struggle With Male Infertility
  • Another Third Will Struggle With Female Infertility
  • The Remaining Third Will Either Face Both Male And Female Fertility Issues, Or A Cause Will Never Be Found (Unexplained Infertility)
Cough Medicine Can Help You Get Pregnant
  • The Idea That Cough Syrup Can Improve Fertility Or Even Act As An Over-The-Counter Fertility Drug Has Been Around Forever.
  • The Only Problem Is That It Doesn’t Really Work. There’s No Proof That Cough Syrups Improve Your Cervical Mucus Enough To Make It Easier To Get Pregnant.
Young Men And Women Can’t Be Infertile
  • The Older You Are, The More Likely You Are To Face Infertility. However, Young Men And Women Also Face Infertility. Age-Related Infertility Is Only One Possible Cause Of Decreased Fertility.
  • There Are More Women Struggling With Fertility After Age 35, But As You Can See, Almost 1 In 10 Face Infertility Even Before They Reach Age 30.
You Don’t Need To Worry About Your Age, There’s Always IVF
  • People Put Off Having Children For A Variety Of Reasons. No One Should Rush To Have Kids If They Aren’t Ready, But Age Is An Important Factor To Consider.
  • There Is A Common Misconception That If Age-Related Infertility Does Strike, You Can Always Do IVF. Things Aren’t That Simple. Just As Your Natural Fertility Declines With Age, Your Odds For Success With IVF Treatment Also Decline With Age.
IVF Frequently Leads To Multiples
  • Actually, Of All The Available Fertility Treatments, IVF Is The Least Likely To Lead To A High-Order Pregnancy (Triplets, Quadruplets). With IVF Treatment, Embryos Must Be Transferred Back To The Uterus. Except In Special Situations, Reproductive Endocrinologists Are Not To Transfer More Than Two Embryos At A Time.
  • High-Order Pregnancies Are Much More Common With Fertility Drug Or Insemination Cycles Than IVF Ones.
You Can Simply Change Your Diet And Lifestyle To Cure Infertility
  • There Are Some Situations When Diet And Lifestyle Choices Can Significantly Reduce Infertility. For Example, Eating Disorders Can Cause Infertility. Treating The Eating Disorder Can Often Reverse Infertility. However, This Isn’t A Common Situation.
  • Sometimes Lifestyle Issues Also Significantly Reduce Infertility.
  • Could A Healthier Diet Help You Conceive? It’s Possible. But It Won’t Cure Infertility. Diet Won’t Unblock Fallopian Tubes; It Can’t Reverse A Zero Sperm Count.

Choosing The Right IVF Clinic

Choosing Fertility Treatment Is An Emotional And Financial Commitment And Finding The Right Fertility Clinic Is One Of The Main Decisions Which Needs To Be Made.


Following Factors Helps You Choose The Right IVF Clinic: –

  • Did You Like And Feel Confident With The Clinic’s Team Of Doctors And Other Staff? Did They Seem Like A Team? If So, The Chance Of Good Communication, So Vital To Feeling Happy About The Treatment, Is Likely To Be Adequate.
  • Chances Of Getting The Right Information And Guidance Is Also Higher.
Diagnostic Procedure
  • Does The Clinic Carry Out Full Range Of Tests To Establish A Clear Diagnosis Before Treatment?
  • Shares With You All The Detailed Information About The Procedure To Be Undertaken.
Counselling Services
  • Undergoing IVF Can Be Very Stressful, Patients Need The Opportunity To Talk To Someone Who Understands Them, Listens To Them And Is Ready To Help.
  • A Good Team Of Counsellors,Can Help You Understand The Process,Help You In Decision Making And Support You Through Out Your Journey Of Treatment.
Range Of Treatments Offered
  • Does The Clinic Provide A Comprehensive Range Of Fertility Treatments? Avoid A Clinic That Offers IVF As Its Chief Or Only Course Of Action; It May Be Convenient For Them, But Might Not Be In The Best Interests Of Their Patients.
  • Choose A Clinic That Gives You Customized Option For Your Treatment.
Online Presence
  • As Nowadays Everything Is Online, Couples Seek Information Online On Google Search, Facebook. Online Presence Is Also As Important As The Quality Of The Service That The Clinic Provides.
  • Apps That Help Couples To Know About Good Doctors With Ratings, Reviews, Feedback From Other Patients. Like Justdial, Practo, Lyborate Ect. Will Protray Only The Enrolled And High Paying Doctors/Clinics/As “The Best”.It May Not Be True. Choose Your Own Desecration In Evaluation And Judgment.
Reputation And Value For Money
  • Years Of Practice
  • Plenty Of Successful Cases Done
  • Feedback Of The Patient
  • Value For Money And Please Highlight This As An Important Separate Point.

Potential Causes Of Female Infertility

Between 10 And 15 Percent Of Couples Will Experience Infertility. This Means They Will Not Conceive After At Least One Year Of Trying. Of These Infertile Couples, Approximately One-Third Will Discover Fertility Problems On The Woman’s Side, Another Third Will Find The Problem On The Man’s Side, And The Rest Will Find Problems On Both Sides Or Receive A Diagnosis Of Unexplained Infertility.

What Causes Female Infertility?

In The Simplest Of Terms, Female Infertility Happens When One Or More Of The Following Occurs…

  • Something Goes Wrong With Ovulation
  • Something Prevents The Egg And Sperm From Meeting
  • Something Prevents A Healthy Embryo From Being Created (This Can Be Caused By Problems On Either Side.)
  • Something Prevents Healthy Implantation Of The Embryo



  • PCOS Is A Common Cause Of Female Infertility And Affects An Estimated 8% Of Women
  • Most Common Symptoms: Irregular Or Absent Menstrual Cycles, Acne, Oily Skin, Abnormal Hair Growth, And Obesity.



  • It’s Estimated That 1 In 10 Women Suffer From Endometriosis.
  • Most Common Symptoms: Extremely Painful Menstrual, Pelvic Pain Not During Menstruation, And Pain During Defecation And/Or Urination, Especially During Your Period.


Age Related Infertility

  • Not Every Cause Of Infertility Is A Disease Or Unnatural Condition. Healthy Aging Is A Common Cause Of Female Infertility.
  • While Both Men And Women Have Decreased Fertility As They Age, This Decline Is More Pronounced In Women.



  • Obesity Is A Common Cause Of Preventable Infertility In Both Men And Women.
  • In Some Cases, Obesity Is The Result Of A Hormonal Imbalance. For Example, Both PCOS (Especially With Insulin Resistance) And Hypothyroidism Can Lead To Weight Problems.


Premature/Early Menopause

  • Premature Menopause Is When Menopause Occurs Before The Age Of 40.
  • With Premature Menopause, Ovulation Has Completed Ceased. You Cannot Conceive On Your Own Or With Your Own Eggs.