Laser-Assisted Hatching

When a chicken comes out of an egg, it has to break the out shell. This process is called hatching. Human embryos are protected throughout their journey in the genital tract – Fallopian tubes and uterus by an outer covering called zona pellucida. When an embryo has to implant, it has to break this outer shell, come out of it and establish direct contact with the endometrium. This is called embryo hatching. This is a very crucial stage in the process of implantation. An embryo that can successfully hatch only can successfully implant.

Embryo hatching is a very complex process triggered by the multiple signals between the embryo and the endometrium, also known as “Endometrium Embryo Cross talk”. The embryo has to use a lot of energy also to successfully complete the hatching process.

Sometimes the process of hatching fails. There is a higher risk in older age patients, frozen embryos etc.

The process of hatching can be assisted by various techniques called Assisted hatching. The most advanced, safe and accepted technique is to use a sophisticated and dedicated laser for cutting or thinning the zona pellucida is by laser, called a laser-assisted hatching LAH.

How is LAH done?


Performed by our nation’s top embryologists, Laser Assisted Hatching is precisely and safely done per international consensus and extensive experience.

Who can benefit from AH?

Advantages of LAH

Disadvantages of LAH

Advantage Bavishi

Bavishi Fertility Institute offers LAH to its patients with exclusive expertise and experience. We welcome our patients to avail of this proven modern technology and enjoy their improved success rates at a very little extra cost !!

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