Only expert can make the most advanced and complex treatment, SIMPLE.
With a combine experience of 100 years of IVF treatment, and thousands of IVF treatment cycles, we have made IVF extremely simple. With a simple goal of best success chance, least complication chance, value for money and VERY EASY TO UNDERGO!


Pretreatment evaluation

A simple and comprehensive, one step, highly customised evaluation protocol for every couple

  • Customized egg formation – stimulation protocols
  • Minimum injections
  • Simple monitoring protocols
  • Minimum hospital visits
  • Lowest needed dose of drugs for optimum response
  • All protocols tailored as per the individual need
  • Couples involved in decision making
  • Self injection option encouraged
  • Sonography monitoring near home encouraged
  • Minimum blood tests during the treatment
  • Very light and short anaesthesia
  • Discharge in 2 hours of procedure
  • Comfortable OT positions and procedure
  • Minimum and latest anaesthesia drugs– ( Minimum drug use and after effects )
  • Signature “ ZERO ERROR” ET technique
  • Totally easy and painless
  • No rest
  • Relaxation session after ET
  • Minimum medicines
  • No painful injections
  • No rest
  • Professional or domestic activities, all allowed
  • Blood test at home