Unique Achievements


First Time in INDIA

First Time in INDIA: Live birth with vitrified frozen egg in 2008

UA 4

First of Its Kind

“IVF Babies Meet 2004”. Unique meet of 100 IVF babies conceived at Bavishi fertility institute

UA 2

Award from IMA

First IVF Specialist To Get “Excellence in The Field of Medicine” award from IMA


Divya Santan Parivar

Establishment day of “Divya santan parivar”. The unique support group for infertile couples. The organization regularly conducts patient support activity and public awwarness programmes.

UA 7

First European Couple

Bavishi fertility institute has to its credit treating the first European couple for surrogacy in year 1998. Since then we have been the pioneers and leaders in the field of surrogacy.

UA 6

Women’s Day

Dr. Falguni Bavishi expressing her views on Women Empowerment at a function organized by The Hindu Group of Publications on Women’s Day, 2014.She was awarded title of powerwoman.

UA 5

Anurita lost her husband

Anurita lost her husband, who she loved very much, to blood cancer. She came to Bavishi Fertility Institute with her husband’s frozen sperms. Her eggs were fertilized and the embryo was transferred to her womb by the BFI team. She conceived and the born baby shares birthday with his late dad.

UA 10

Surrogacy stays within the great Gujarati family.

GK Mawani and his wife Rama celebrated their son Jay’s first birthday in Surat (2009). Also present at the party was Chetna (26), who gave birth to Jay. Chetna is the wife of Mawani’s nephew. Rama hadn’t been able to conceive in her 16- year marriage so Chetna agreed to carry her uncle’s child as a surrogate mother.

UA 8

Primary School Teacher

Saroj Changakar, a primary school teacher at Petlad, was shattered when she lost both her sons. One died of cancer in 1993 and the other in an accident in 2012. She desperately needed children to make her life whole again and consulted Dr. Falguni Bavishi. “Saroj was 58 years old but her womb was healthy. We used a donor egg and implanted the embryo. She became pregnant in the first cycle itself and subsequntly delivered twin boys.” Says Dr. Falguni Bavishi.

INSTAR founder president

Dr. Himanshu Bavishi (Founder President)
INSTAR Indian Society for Third party Assisted Reproduction
The society formed to protect rights and responsibilities of all parties involved in third party reproduction –egg donation, sperm donation and surrogacy.