International Patients

BFI is now the most favoured IVF treatment destination for couples from all parts of world.


We treat more than 300 of foreign patients from all over the world, this allows us to understand their issue requirements and expectations very well and enables us to offer them the best possible care and experience.


We very much understand that you have a very busy schedule for your India visit and cannot come frequently to India and hence it is very important for you to get pregnancy as early as possible.


We understand that the male Partner may not be staying throughout the treatment. The arrival and departure dates of those two partners may be different. You may be staying with some far relative or in a hotel.


Do not worry! We are with you. We are a team of more than 100, happily willing to help you all in every walk of your treatment. In fact, our help starts much before you arrive. We have been able to help Foreign Patients even before they come to India, like reviewing your reports and treatment.


We also ensure availability of medicines in USA, CANADA, U.K., Australia, DUBAI etc. For every foreign patient we offer extensive help in treatment planning, customization of treatment protocol and optimizing time effectiveness. If you are planning for Donor Eggs IVF Treatment, we can keep Donor Ready for you, when you arrive.


We can send you Surrogate Mother profile and allow you to choose Surrogate Mother even before you arrive. We can keep the Surrogate Mother ready when you arrive. All this and more at the most affordable cost and under one roof.


We are proud of the fact that there is no rate disparity between our domestic and foreign patients which gives us an edge over other IVF centres in India.